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Director: Mihai Maniutiu    Scenic Design: Morgan Lindsey Price    Lighting Design: Martha Carter

The Electra Project

A devised and created work by Mihai Maniutiu, the Electra Project explored themes of destiny and fate and whether one could stop the hand of fate from causing pain and death. For Electra, Orestes, Pylades, Old Man and the chorus, I took initial inspiration from high fashion on the runways and mixed it with research of homelessness in urban cities. As for the three characters in all white, they represent the cruel, viciousness of high soceity and the greed that they seemlingly always succumb to. Produced by University of California, Irvine.


Set loosely during World War I, this Macbeth utitlized the dark and gritty nature of the original text and played off of it. It was set minimalistically with the only real scenic piece being a circular wooden slab that could be transformed into a table, a playing space or even a cauldron. The costumes were pushed to be more mordern in comparison, but still kept touches of the period, including the silhouette of men's WWI uniforms. The color palette for the Macbeths' and other royals was kept in dark, grey tones and deep indigos, while the infamous witches sauntered around in detroyed uniform pieces and clothes dragged off of the battlefield - primarily earthy and sometimes covered in dried blood.

Director: Eli Simon    Scenic Design: John Iacovelli    Lighting Design: Karyn Lawrence

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